Dr. Benjamin W. Heumann, Director

Ben Heumann A Michigan native, Dr. Heumann received his Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill in 2011. He has experience working on a wide range of projects using GIS and remote sensing around the world from local scales in Quebec, the Galapagos Islands and Thailand, to continental scales in Europe and Africa. Examples include:

  • Vegetation Phenology Trends in the Sahel, Africa
  • Mapping Mangrove Species and Structure in the Galapagos Islands
  • Land Suitability Modeling using Socio-Economic and Environmental Data in Nang Rong, Thailand
  • Historical Land Use Modeling across Europe since 1700

Dr. Heumann has also contributed to a wide range of studies, including:

  • Mapping changes in fluvial geomorphology
  • Mapping mortgage foreclosure rates during the sub-prime mortgage crisis
  • Pre-processing and classification of satellite and airborne hyperspectral imagery
  • Spectral analysis of vascular and non-vascular plants
  • Examining urban development patterns and water quality
  • Mapping the ecological footprint of international trade
  • Agent-based modeling of human-environment interactions
Dr. Heumann has recently shifted his research focus to the Great Lakes Region to understand patterns and processes of biodiversity and conservation using remote sensing and spatial modeling.

Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Tao Zheng​​
Dr. Xiaoguang Wang
Dr. Yong Tian
Dr. Bin Li
Dr. Anna Monfils


  • John Gross (Geography) – UAV remote sensing / GPS Surveying
  • Brian Stark (Geography) – UAV remote sensing / GPS Surveying
  • Rachel Hackett (Environment and Earth Science) – UAV remote sensing / GPS Surveying
  • Ryan Meier (Geography) – ArcServer deployment
  • Emmet​t Mercier (Geography) – ArcServer deployment / GPS Surveying / Cartography
  • Cody Horton (Geography) – GIS Analysis / Cartography



  • ​Sam Lipscomb (M.S. ’14) – GPS Surveying / Geodatabase Development /Cartography​