We conduct a wide-range of geographical research ranging from geospatial modeling of land use patterns to unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) remote sensing of wetlands. Although most of our work is focused on natural system or human-environment interactions, we have experience with the social sciences as well. Much of our research is in collaboration with the Institute for Great Lakes Research here at CMU.


Examples of Research Projects

  • Mapping Pitcher’s Thistle using UAV remote sensing - Ben Heumann
  • Biodiversity Assessment of Wetlands using UAV remote sensing – Ben HeumannAnna Monfils
  • Suitability Modeling and Gap Assessment of Conservation Easements – Ben Heumann
  • Remote Sensing of Turbidity in the Great Lakes – Tao Zheng
  • Remote Sensing and Modeling of Dissolved Organic Carbon Transportation – Yong Tian
  • Geospatial Analysis of Land Use and Traffic Accidents - Xiaoguang Wang​​