​Established in 1994, the Center for Geographic Information Science at CMU conducts research locally, regionally and internationally on social and environmental issues that require spatial analysis. The CGIS also provides geospatial solutions and research tools to the university, government entities and private industry. We have permanent personnel and research associates specializing in GIS database development, Global Position Systems (GPS), spatial statistics and modeling, multispectral and hyperspectral remote sensing, cartography, and digital elevation and surface modeling. We have expertise working with satellite, airborne (including UAV) and field data. Students are also an integral component of the center using hands-on experience to enhance classroom learning.

Our facilities include custom-built workstations designed for specific analytical tasks including geovisualization and GPU computing, a large format plotter for printing maps, and a "dark room" for laboratory spectroscopy. Our software includes ArcGIS 10.1, ENVI 5.0 and Classic (with FLAASH atmospheric correction module), ERDAS Imagine 2011, eCognition Developer 8.x, MATLAB, PhotoScan Pro and many more! 

We have two field spectroradiometers for measuring leaf and plot-level spectral reflectance and access to survey-grade GPS units. We are currently branching out into UAV remote sensing starting with micro-UAV photogrammetry.