Master of Science in Geographic Information Sciences (M.S.)

Minimum total for graduation: 33 hours

The M.S. program in Geographic Information Sciences (GISci) provides advanced course work and applied research in cartography, geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing. Each student will complete a thesis or research project that applies GISci techniques to economic, environmental, or other issues that require spatial data processing and analysis. Graduates will develop skills that will qualify them for a variety of spatial data processing positions that make up a rapidly growing field in the information technology industry.

This program is available through a Plan A option (thesis) or Plan B option (non-thesis). Under Plan A, six credits of thesis work (GEO 798) is required. Under Plan B, three credits of a directed research project (GEO 797) is required. The thesis of the research project must apply GISci techniques to economic, environmental or other problems that require spatial data analysis.

Specific requirements for the M.S. in GISci

  • Computer Programming. One course in a current programming language (CMU equivalent: CPS 110 or CPS 180) with a minimum grade of B.
  • Statistics. One course in ​Statistics (CMU equivalent: STA 282 or STA 382).
  • Fundamental Courses in Geographic Information Sciences. At least one course in Cartography (CMU equivalent: GEO 203), one course in Introductory Geographic Information Systems (CMU equivalent: GEO 303), and one course in Introductory Remote Sensing (CMU equivalent: GEO 305). Minimum grade of B in each.

Application Information for M.S. in GISci

Applications for admission to any of the graduate programs in geography are available through the College of Graduate Studies.

  • Important Notes

    • Read all instructions carefully.  Please note that the CMU MSGISci application is a self-managed application.  There are two application forms: one for the Department of Geography and one for the College of Graduate Studies at CMU.  You MUST COMPLETE BOTH application forms.
    • All application materials must be returned to the College of Graduate Studies in the same envelope.  In the lower left corner of your envelope, white the following: Program name: MSGISci
    • Mail all materials together to the College of Graduate Studies (see right side column for address)
    • Be sure to use enough postage!
  • Application Materials for U.S. Applicants - You must complete:

    • College of Graduate Studies Application - Domestic Students
    • Domestic_Application.pdf
  • Application Materials for International Applicants -You must complete:

    • College of Graduate Studies Application - International Students
    • International_Application.pdf