​Welcome teacher consultants!  Below you will find information on reporting and receiving reimbursement for workshops:

At Least 3 Weeks Prior to Presentation:

1 Week Prior to Presentation

  • Return signed Presenter Contract sent to you from the MGA.  Be sure that you have a complete Direct Deposit Form and W-9 on file with CMU for each calendar year

At Presentation

  • Most copies and materials should be requested from the central office but up to $25 may be spent on small or last minute items.  In order to be reimbursed for materials or lodging you must submit the original receipts.
  • Whenever possible ask participants to complete a workshop evaluation.  You may summarize and send the results to mga@cmich.edu or send surveys via snail mail. 
  • Participants may also complete the survey online.

​After the Presentation

  • Email mga@cmich.edu a signed invoice using the template below.  For assistance please contact the central office.
  • Complete the workshop follow up using the links below.  Payment cannot be issued until this is complete.