The future of Michigan’s ecosystems, biodiversity, and economy depends on the decisions that will be made by today’s youth as tomorrow’s decision-makers. The MEECS Ecosystems & Biodiversity Unit will help Michigan students gain the knowledge and skills they need to become stewards of Michigan’s environment and to help keep this Great Lakes State GREAT!

The MEECS Ecosystems & Biodiversity Unit uses a Michigan context to provide students with a solid foundation in understanding basic ecological principles, as well as the importance of biodiversity as it relates to Michigan’s environment, economy, and society. The ten core lessons are divided into two separate units, Ecosystems and Biodiversity. Each of the two units consists of five lessons, and is designed to be taught in eight to ten hours of instructional time. The Ecosystems unit is appropriate for grades 4-6, while the Biodiversity unit is slightly more advanced and is recommended for grades 5-6. In addition, fifteen extension lessons are provided either in the notebook and/or on the MEECS Ecosystems & Biodiversity Unit CD.

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