​This list is intended to provide you with additional resources that you can explore to better your own knowledge and to seek ideas and activities for students.  It is intended to provide both a listing of recommended website links and a broader set of sites of interest to an educator or parent, noting the relevant organizational unit.  These website resources offer a first glance at the extensive environmental education resources and activities that exist online.​

​Four Corners School of Outdoor Education:
  • Relevant to all Environmental Topics
  • This website has lessons to assist teachers in the classroom who are working to provide quality outdoor education to their students.
  • http://fourcornersschool.org/lesson-plans
Green Teacher:
  • Relevant to all Environmental Topics
  • Green Teacher is a quarterly magazine "that helps educators enhance environmental and global education inside and outside of schools." Some articles and activities are available to no charge.
  •  http://www.greenteacher.com
North American Association for Environmental Education Link-Teachers:
  • Relevant to all Environmental Topics
  • Information on grant opportunities, lesson plans, organizations and many more environmental education resources for educators teaching grades k-12. This is made available from the North American association for Environmental Education (NAAEE).
  • http://www.eelink.net/pages/Classroom+Resources-Directories​
National Wildlife Federation- Kids:
  • Games, photos, apps suggestions, activities and wildlife biodiversity information for kids, parents, family, and educators from the National Wildlife Federation
  • www.nwf.org/kids​
Outdoor Education Lesson Plans & Curriculum:
PBS Nature:
  • Relevant to All Environmental Topics
  • PBS provides a wide range of lesson plans and classroom resources fro pre-K through 12th grade as well as professional development information, discussion opportunities and much more from this well-organized website.
  • www.pbs.org/teachers​
Project Learning Tree:
  • Relevant to Land use, Ecosystems, Biodiversity and Energy Resources
  • This site includes grant information , teacher resources, and involvement information from Project Learning Tree. This is a program that "provides(s) educators with peer-reviewed, award -winning environmental education curriculum resources that can be integrated into lesson plans for all grades and subject areas."
  • www.plt.org​
Science Class:
  • Relevant to Land use, Ecosystems and Biodiversity
  • A small site which is run by a retired classroom teacher. This includes resources, labs and lessons for teachers, parents and students.
  • http://science-class.net​
U.S. Department of Energy- Teachers: 
  • Relevant to Energy Resources
  • Lesson plans and activities, Scholarships and competitions and more information on getting energy related topics in your classroom from the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • http://energy.gov/eere/education/teach-and-learn
U.W. EPA Teaching Center Educational Pages:
  • Relevant to All Environmental Topics
  • The Environmental Protection Agency provides teaching resources concerning environmental topics such as air, water, climate change and environmental stewardship. Included are project ideas, conference information, awards, grants and more.
  • www.epa.gov/students​
United States Geological Survey:
  • Relevant to All Environmental Topics
  • This Web site contains selected USGS educational resources that may be useful to educators
  • (K-12)
  • http://education.usgs.gov​

Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education:
  • Relevant to Land use, Ecosystems, Biodiversity and Water Quality
  • This site contains quick and accessible information on all areas of Michigan environmental and outdoor education from the Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE), a professional organization supporting environmental education.
  • h​ttp://www.maeoe.com
American Geological Institute-Earth Science Week:
  • Relevant to All Environmental Topics
  • This site has information on Earth Science Week and Materials related to earth sciences. This included newsletters and new updates in the field, online toolkits on introductory earth science topics, such as air and other, classroom materials and much more.
  • www.earthsciweek.org​
American Public Media Sustainability Coverage:
  • Relevant to All Environmental Topics
  • American Public Media provides sustainability coverage and other resources. The website showcases sustainability stories produced by their family of radio programs.
  • http://sustainability.publicradio.org/index.html
Best Practices in Green Education:
  • Find inspiring and concrete ideas on how to utilize the built environment in the context of learning! Best Practices in Green Education brings you model education programs and curriculum to support your efforts in educating for sustainability. USGBC believes educators learn best from hearing the stories of other educator’s efforts. The programs featured here have been vetted through the Excellence in Green Building Curriculum Grants and Awards Program.
  • www.usgbc.org/displaypage.aspx?cmspageid=1881​
Bill Nye the Science Guy:
  • Relevant to All Environmental Topics
  • This site includes quizzes, episode guides, videos and more science information from the famous science guy, Bill Nye.
  • www.billnye.com​
Busch Gardens and Sea World:
Center for Ecoliteracy:
Center for Environmental Education:
  • The Center for Ecoliteracy supports and advances education for sustainable living
  • www.ceeonline.org​
Center for Sustainable Systems:
  • Relevant to Energy Resources and Water Quality
  • University of Michigan's Center for Sustainable Systems online resources includes factsheets and research on its mission of advancing concepts of sustainability through interdisciplinary research and education.
  • www.css.snre.umich.edu​
Children and Nature Network:
  • The Children & Nature Network is leading the movement to connect all children, their families and communities to nature through innovative ideas, evidence-based resources and tools, broad-based collaboration and support of grassroots leadership.
  • http://www.childrenandnature.org/learn/research-resources​
The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education:
  • We prepare K-12 school systems and their communities to educate for a sustainable future by inspiring educators and engaging students through meaningful content and learner-centered instruction.
  • http://cloudinstitute.org/​
The Earthday Network:
  • ​Earth Day Network (EDN) works to broaden, diversity and mobilize the environmental movement.  At every turn, EDN works to broaden the definition of "environment" to include all issues that affect our health, our communities and our environment, such as greening deteriorated schools, creating green jobs and investment, and promoting activism to stop air and water pollution.  EDN also provides civic engagement opportunities at the local, state, national and global levels.
  • www.earthday.org
Energy Kids:
Energystar for Kids:
  • Relevant to Energy Resources
  • This website contains facts, definitions, and fun introductory information on energy topics for children. this also includes activities, resources and a short list of links to lesson plans for parents and teachers.
  • www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=kids.kids_index
Environmental Defense Fund:
  • Relevant to Energy Resources, Climate Change, Water and Air Quality
  • News articles, blog posts and information on political topics concerning climate change from the Environmental Defense Fund.
  • www.edf.org
Environmental Web Directory:
  • Relevant to All Environmental Topics
  • A basic and simple site composed to hundreds of web links organized by different subjects such as business, forestry and water resources.
  •  www.webdirectory.com
Exploring Nature:
Getting to Know Michigan:
Gorilla in the Greenhouse:
  • Relevant to Climate Change and Air Quality
  • Fun internet video resources telling the story of Kijanai, "an 800-pound gorilla who has come from the depths of the Congo to live in the Greenhouse. Wise and powerful, he followed his vision by teaming up with kids from around the world to create a sustainable earth."
  • https://www.youtube.com/user/gogreengorilla
Human Kinetics:
  • Outdoor Lesson Plans
  • Outdoor activity and adventure is a growing field, but unfortunately, many teachers, recreation leaders and outdoor instructors find themselves without adequate resources to plan and deliver an effective outdoor program. Quality lesson plans for outdoor education is a flexible, easy-to-use reference that helps physical educators and youth, outdoor recreation, camp and resort leaders deliver effective outdoor activities.
  • www.humankinetics.com/products/all-products/quality-lesson-plans-for-outdoor-education
Kids for a Cleaner Environment:
  • Relevant to All Environmental Topics
  • Kids F.A.C.E is one of the world's largest youth environmental organizations. This website provides children with ideas for how to get involved and information on how to start you own chapter.
  • www.kidsface.org
Kids R Green:
  • Relevant to All Environmental Topics
  • This website fro children offers short and informative articles from a wide range of topics, ideas for thoughtful hands-on projects, and even a few games.
  •  www.kidsrgreen.org
Michigan Audubon:
  • Relevant to Ecosystems and Biodiversity
  • The mission of the Michigan Audubon is to connect "birds and people for the benefit of both through conservation, education and research efforts in the state of Michigan." Their website contains information on conservation initiatives and links for educators and parents.
  • www.michiganaudubon.org
Michigan DEQ Environmental Education:
  • Relevant to Land use, Ecosystems, Biodiversities, Climate Change, Water and Air Quality
  • Michigan-specific environmental issues and education information from hearings, assistance and curriculum support to grants, nature locations and environmental based programs.
  • www.michigan.gov/environmentaled
Michigan Green Schools:
  • Michigan Green Schools is a non-profit 501(c)3 agency dedicated to assisting all Michigan schools both public and private in achieving environmental goals.
  • www.michigangreenschools.us/
Michigan Kids:
  • An informational government website which focuses on the kid content portion of the Michigan.gov websites.
  • www.michigan.gov/kids
The North American Association for Environmental Education:
National Council for Science and the Environment:
  • Relevant to Land use, Ecosystem​s, Biodiversity and Energy Resources
  • www.cnie.org
National Geographic Kids:
  • Relevant to Ecosystems & Biodiversity
  • This Parent's choice Recommended Winner of 2008 website features games, videos, news and more fun stuff for kids through National geographic.
  • www.kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids
National Institute of Environmental Health-Kids:
  • Relevant to All Environmental Topics
  • Games, activities, stories and a handful of listed links targeted at kids concerning the environment and environmental health issues from the National Institutes of Health Department of health & Human Services.
  • http://www.niehs.nih.​gov/health/scied/index.cfm
National Park Service:
  • Relevant to Ecosystems and Biodiversity
  • Information on science research, the national park system, invasive species, publications, resources management and much more.
  • www.nps.gov
National Science Foundation:
  • Relevant to All Environmental Topics
  • The source for "approximately 20 percent of all federally supported basic research conducted by America's colleges and universities"' the National Science Foundation website contains research, funding information, news, statistics and more information on the NSF's goals of "discovery, learning, research infrastructure and stewardship".
  • http://www.nsf.gov/
National Wildlife Federation:
  • Relevant to All Environmental Topics
  • The NWF provides information on environmental issues, ways to get outside and explore facts and photo contests.
  • www.n​wf.orgkids.aspx
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:
  • Relevant to Climate Change, Air and Water Quality
  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) website contains information on the oceans, coasts, fresh water, climate, weather, atmosphere and many other resources including funding, photos, educators and student opportunities.
  •  www.education.noaa.gov
Natural Resources Defense Council:
  • Relevant to land use, Energy Resources, Climate Change, Water and Air Quality
  • News and policy information about current environmental issues from the nation's leading environmental action organization.
  •  www.nrdc.org
Nature Deficit Books:
North American Association for Environmental Education:
  • Relevant to All Environmental Topics
  • This website contains information on programs, certification, conferences and other aspects of environmental education.
  • www.naaee.net
Scientific American:
  • Relevant to All Environmental Topics
  • The winner of the 2011 National Magazine Award for General Excellence bring you news and other information on topics from education resources to science blogs.
  • www.scientificamerican.com
Sierra Club Education:
  • Relevant to Ecosystem, Biodiversity and Energy Resources
  • The Sierra club is the largest grassroots environmental organization in the United States and they provide environmental education programs that seek to "nurture caring, leadership skills, critical thinking and to draw people of wide-ranging ethnic groups, cultures in efforts to protect our environment."
  • www.sierraclub.org/education
Smithsonian Institute:
  • Relevant to All Environmental Topics
  • The Smithsonian's website includes activities, games events, research and museum information from a wide variety of subject matter.
  • ww​w.si.edu/kids
Smithsonian National Zoological Park Education:
The Envirolink Network:
  • Relevant to All Environmental Topics
  • The EnviroLink Network provides "access to thousands of online environmental resources" with topics from energy and ecosystems to wildlife and waste management.
  • www.envirolink.org
The Nature Conservancy:
  • Relevant to All Environmental Topics
  • This website contains articles, photos and videos, and information on conservation science from around the world for all ages, The Nature conservancy devotes itself to protecting the lands and waters.
  • www.nature.org
U.S. Department of Energy-Kids:
  • Relevant to Energy Resources
  • The Department of Energy created this website with games, facts and tips for kids.
  • www.eere.energy.gov/kids
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:
  • Relevant to All Environmental Topics
  • New, tips for green living and information on information on regulations are available on the EPA's main website.
  • www.epa.gov
U.S EPA Pollution Prevention Toolbox:
U.S. Green Schools Foundation:
World Wildlife Fund:
  • Relevant to Land use, Ecosystems, Biodiversity, Water and Air Quality
  • Information on the conservation of threatening and endangered species environmental issues in specific regions and current science from the World Wildlife Fun (WWF), one of the worlds' most we​ll known conservation organizations.
  • www.w​orldwildlife.org​​