The MEECS Water Quality Unit contains nine core lessons and five extension lessons. All lessons are correlated to middle and high school benchmarks for science and social studies. The lessons and activities may be adapted for specific grades, as well as for non-formal education programs. In addition, six interactive online learning modules have been developed to support several lessons in the unit ( Both individual lesson assessments and a MEAP-like unit assessment are included. The embedded lesson assessments are either project-based or invite student reflection and discussion. Teachers also have the option of using a pre- and post-unit assessment. Use of a science journal throughout the unit is encouraged.

Topics addressed in the unit include the availability and distribution of water on Earth; household water use and water used in the manufacture of goods and services in Michigan; managing water quantity and movement within a watershed; land uses and water pollution; groundwater quality and potential contamination; water quality standards and the history of water quality protection; assessing the health of aquatic ecosystems with stream monitoring; managing storm water runoff; and bioaccumulation of contaminants in the Great Lakes.‚Äč

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