Geography is an essential element of 21st century education. More than just maps, geography is the study of cultures, commerce, and invironments more fundamental than ever in our globally connected world. Our outreach projects are designed to engage children and their families in interesting and educational activities.

Ranging is size from 16 feet x 20 feet to 23 feet x 30 feet, each map and supporting materials can be rented for 14 days. We encourage schools to work with local partners to share the cost:

The Family Geography Night Kit is available on loan from the MGA to help your school host a dynamic event which will invite families to experience geography and thhink critically while exploring the power of global knowledge. The Family Geography Night Kit contains directions and manipulatives for 10 exciting activities that can be adjusted for your grade level.

Available for loan this kit has resources to help support the activities in our Schoolyard BioBlitz Toolkit. From clipboard to microscopes, these materials will make your event more enriching...and easier to organize.