Marcello Graziano
Department of Geography & Environmental Studies
Institute for Great Lakes Research

Energy Geography, Rural/Urban Development, Economic Modeling, Natural Resource Management, Green & Blue Growth
Dow Science Complex 280

Dr. Graziano is a Professor of Geography at Central Michigan University.


  • Postdoctoral Fellow in Economic Geography, Scottish Association for Marine Science - UHI, 2014-2016
  • Ph.D., University of Connecticut, 2014
  • Laurea Specialistica/M.S., in International Economics, University of Turin, 2009
  • Laurea Triennale/B.A., in Foreign Trade, University of Turin, 2007

Teaching Areas

  • Economic Geography
  • Urban Geography

Research Fields

  • Energy Geography
  • Diffusion of Energy Technologies
  • Green & Blue Growth as Development Tools
  • Political Geography of Seafood Production


  • Graziano, M., Musso, M., Lecca, P. Historic paths and future expectations: the macroeconomic impacts of the offshore wind technologies in the UK. Energy Policy, 108: 715-730
  • Graziano, M., Billing, S-L., Kenter, J., Greenhill, L. (2016) A transformational paradigm for marine renewable energy development. Energy Research and Social Sciences, 23: 126-147.
  • Graziano, M., Gillingham, K. (2015) Spatial Patterns of Solar Photovoltaic System Adoption: The Influence of Neighbors and the Built Environment. Journal of Economic Geography, 15(4): 815-839.
  • Parent, J., Graziano, M. and Yang, X. (2014). The Potential of Using Forest Residues to Offset Coal Use in Co-fired Coal Power Plants in the Eastern United States. International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, 7:99-105.
  • Carstensen, F.V., Graziano, M., Vorotyntseva, N., Waite, W.E. and Parr, K.E. (2013).Economic Analysis of Bioenergy: an Integrated Multidisciplinary Approach. In Suib, S (editor), New and Future Developments in Catalysis: Catalytic Biomass Conversion, pp. 297-323. Amsterdam: Elsevier.