Do you want to be a dentist, optometrist, pharmacist, physician assistant, physical therapist or veterinarian?

If so, we'll give you a running start to pursue whatever you are interested in. The wide range of options offered through CMU's pre-professional programs give you the chance to prepare for professional schools devoted to these careers

You will find opportunities that include:

  • Attention. A specific advisor will guide you in selecting an undergraduate major and course work that will best complement your interests and long-term goals.
  • Involvement. You'll find ways to stay connected with student organizations such as the
    Pre-Physical Therapy Club or the Pre-Med and Osteopathic Society.
  • Resources. Special library collections and a number of centers and labs across campus offer you support.
  • Research. You will study and explore opportunities in advanced clinical facilities, laboratories and classrooms equipped with some of the latest technology and equipment.
  • Preparation. Throughout the year, you'll find a number of workshops and practice sessions for state and admission exams that are administered nationally at many sites, including the CMU Computer-Based Testing Center.

Pre-professional studies are NOT majors or minors at CMU. They work in conjunction with select related academic majors. You still need to choose an undergraduate major to satisfy the policy requiring a signed major or a statement of intent to major by the completion of 56 credit hours.

Prepare for graduate studies

If your career goal involves attending graduate school, we can help you gain acceptance into the program of your choice.

You are encouraged to contact Amber Schneider, Pre-Health Professions Academic Advisor, as soon as you can to determine an appropriate major, discuss a plan for selecting courses, and gather information regarding graduate program entrance requirements.

In some cases, your course of study at CMU will be two years or less, while other professional programs either require or strongly recommend the completion of a bachelor's degree prior to enrollment in their program. The choice of a particular major is usually not as critical as the completion of a specific set of courses that provide basic skills and insights—most of these courses are offered through CSE.


If you're looking for some academic advice or simply wish to learn more about our programs, please email