• January 11, 2021
    Compatible Copulas
    Statistics doctoral student's new technique for creating copula functions improves methods of engineering, medical and financial data analysis

    Fadal Aldhufairi Ph.D. statistics student Fadal Aldhufairi recently published a portion of his dissertation in the Journal of Statistical Distributions and Applications.

    Fadal introduces a new family of copulas by using the unit Weibull and Lomax distortion function.

    A copula is a mathematical function that describes the difference between two variables. Copulas serve numerous fields including engineering, medical, and finance, and are useful for investigating things such as the movement of joints in the human body, or the relationship between two events, in the financial marketplace.

  • April 9, 2019
    Carl Lee and Felix Famoye lock in NSA grant to fund this year's ICOSDA conference
    Carl Lee and Felix Famoye Now on their 3rd go-around, Carl Lee and Felix Famoye (faculty members from the newly formed Department of Statistics and Analytics) are organizing their 3rd International Conference on Statistical Distributions and Applications.

    Held every three years, Lee and Famoye’s first, supported by the National Security Agency, was held in 2013 here at CMU.

    Participants from more than 25 different countries attended the 2016 conference in Niagra Falls, supported by the Canadian Statistical Science Institute.

    So far this year, over 200 researchers from around the world are already scheduled to present their research and exchange ideas. The 2019 conference, supported again by the National Security Agency, will be held October 10-12, 2019 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

    Each CMU faculty member from the newly formed Department of Statistics and Analytics is serving this year as an organizing committee member; Felix Famoye and Carl Lee (Co-Chairs), Mohamed Amezziane, Chin-I Cheng, Kahadawala Cooray, John Daniels, Madhuka Samanthi, Jungsywan Sepanski, and Daniel Wang.

    All researchers presenting at this year’s conference are being invited to submit their papers for consideration of being included in a special issue of the Journal of Statistical Distributions and Applications.

    Click the ICOSDA 2019 website here for more information about this year's conference.
  • January 14, 2019
    Carl Lee brings home Mathmatical Association of America Award
    Carl Lee Central Michigan University statistics professor Carl Lee has been awarded the prestigious Deborah and Franklin Tepper Haimo Award by the Mathematical Association of America. The MAA presents this honor to university mathematics faculty who have shown great success as educators and made contributions to the field of mathematics. "Lee is recognized for his outstanding contributions to teaching and learning in the mathematical sciences," said Michael Pearson, executive director of the MAA. "He provides tireless mentoring and helps any student interested in mathematical sciences and applications." Lee founded the Undergraduate Statistics Project Competition and also is a founding member of the Consortium of the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education. He developed the Real-Time Online Hands-on Activities Database which is now used by over 100 instructors at more than 50 institutions and was supported by funding from the National Science Foundation.