Meet our First Graduates from four of our programs

  • 1978 - Daniel Wardrop: First graduate received PhD in Statistics. Dr Wardrop received a BS from Mathematics Department in 1978 from CMU, an MS in Statistics from Purdue University and a PhD in Statistics from Virginia Polytech State University. Retired as Vice President, Organizational Effectiveness from Royal Dutch Shell.
  • 1987 - Larry Langer: First graduate in Actuarial Science program in 1987. He is now the Principal and Consulting Actuary, Cavanaugh Macdonald Consulting.
  • 2002 – Nicholas Eugene: First PhD graduated with the dissertation topic in Statistics. Dr. Eugene is now Professor and Chairperson, Department of Mathematics & Computer Science, Coppin State University, Maryland. 
  • 2017- David Hooley: First graduate in MS in Applied Statistics & Analytics. He graduated in 2017, and has been working at Auto-Owners Insurance as a Data Analyst and Predictive Modeler. 

See what advices from our first graduates:

  • It is important to improve continuously yourself; I still consider myself a student.
  • Do not stick with your initial career if you are not completely satisfied, you often won’t find what you love to do in your first job.
  • Collaborate with your fellow students. It is important to work with others effectively.
  • Take everything you learn in. It could be valuable in the future.
  • Utilize all available CMU resources.
  • Learn how to communicate with others; strong interpersonal skills will help you immensely.
  • Take a course in professional writing; presenting your ideas clearly and succinctly is critical to your professional success.

What can I do with a degree in Statistics or Actuarial Science from CMU?  Just ask some of our recent graduates...

Kevin Sule

Director of the Actuarial Department at Delta Dental and a Fellow in the Society of Actuaries.

Nicole Feinauer

Administrator for Worker's Compensation and other Liability Actuarial at Auto Owners Insurance, and an Associate in the Casualty Actuarial Society.

Elizabeth Jackson

Actuary Assistant at Hartford Insurance in Hartford CT. 

Vincent Arandela

Underwriter at Cigna Insurance

Rick Hauser

Actuarial Service Center Analyst at Willow Towers Watson.

Ashley Kerr

Associate Actuarial Analyst at Auto Owners Insurance. 

Megan Jury

Underwriter at Eastern Alliance Insurance.