Miles Actuarial Award - Spring 2020

The Miles Actuarial Award was established in 2007 by CMU professor Dr. Thomas Miles and his wife Cindy. The support goes to Actuarial Science majors who passed one or more of the following actuarial exams:
  • P exam
  • FM exam
  • IFM exam
  • LTAM Exam
The award assists in the expense of taking the actuarial exam(s). Preference will be given to active members of Gamma Iota Sigma.

Cody Brown | Exam P | Summer 2019
Emma Marie Davis | Exam FM | Spring 2020
Michael Lambesis | Exam P | Summer 2019
Michael Lambesis | Exam FM | Summer 2019
Jacob Thomas Setnicky | Exam FM | Spring 2020
Nicolai Vincent | Exam FM | Summer 2019
Nickolas Olechnowicz | Exam FM | Summer 2019
Olivia Moeggenborg | Exam FM | Fall 2019
Xiwen Wang | Exam P | Spring 2020

Best Undergraduate Student Award 2020

The Best Undergraduate Student Award recognizes outstanding graduating undergraduate actuarial and statistics students.

STAD faculty chose four students based on:
  • overall GPA 
  • statistics & actuarial GPA
  • faculty recommendations
Each student was also asked to submit an application explaining their extracurricular activities and future plans.

Brian Brown - Winner
Jessica Netzley - 1st Runner Up
Laura Conklin - 2nd Runner Up
Evan Schumacher - Honorable Mention

Best Teaching Assistant Award

This award recognizes Teaching Assistants with outstanding teaching skills. All STAD TA's who are teaching statistics or mathematics classes and have not received the award in the previous two years are considered.

Best Tutor Award

This award goes to statistics majors, minors, actuarial science majors and STAD graduate students who provide outstanding tutoring on STA 282QR or other statistics subject at the MAC.

Best Tutor - Graduate Student Winner
Ken Goward

Best Tutor - Undergraduate Student Winner
Jessica Netzley

Daniel & Barbara Wardrop Award for Applied Statistics & Actuarial Sciences

The Wardrop Award is supporting senior undergraduate students in the Department of Statistics, Actuarial and Data Sciences who intend to pursue a graduate degree, whose cumulative GPA is at least 3.5 and have 12 credit hours remaining during the last semester at CMU.

The selection criteria are based on:
  • Academic performance
  • An essay describing their interest and intent in earning a masters or doctoral degree in the fields of statistics or actuarial science
  • General GRE score
Preference will also be given to applicants who articulate a desire to attend Virginia Tech University for their graduate program of choice.

The application deadline is September 30.

The winner will be selected by the end of October and announced at the end of November.

The official announcement will be presented by Dr. Dan Wardrop and his family during the Christmas Celebration dinner in December.

The 2020 award winner will receive $2500.