Data Science is highly in demand in very diverse professions. The advancement of modern technology has transformed our world into a digital universe, where data is created at an astonishing rate. How much data is produced every day in this high-tech world? According to the DOMO Report of 2020, it estimated 1.7 MB of data were created every second by each person on earth. Users stream 97,222 Hours of videos on NETFLIX every second, and over 1 million of texts sent by users per second. Seeking insights from data is essential for business to be competitive. There is exponentially increasing professional demand for individuals with advanced knowledge and skills in data science that greatly outstrips the availability of graduates. Industries are becoming data-driven and new innovations are being made every day. Companies require data to function, grow and improve their businesses. Data Scientists deal with the big and messy data in order to assist companies in making proper decisions. The data-driven approach undertaken by the companies with the help of Data Scientists who analyze big data to derive meaningful insights.

Why Study Data Science at Central Michigan University?

CMU’s Data Science program has several unique features:
  • It prepares students with foundation of modern core knowledge and computational skills readily for jobs after graduation
  • The course work include hands-on lab components in every data science course that emphasizes applications and teamwork
  • The Data Science major is linked with nine different analytics minors. Students majoring in the Data science has the opportunity to choose a minor to strengthen the applications based on student’s choice
Admission Requirements

Students can sign a major at any time. They should contact a data science advisor in the Department to plan their coursework map. In order to progress through the program, it is important to get through some foundational courses such as MTH 132, MTH 133, CPS 180, STA 382 and DAS 150 as early as possible. The University requires that students have a signed major before completing 56 credit hours. To declare a major, students must have completed MTH 132, CPS 180 and an Introductory Statistics course, such as STA 382, with an average GPA of these three courses at 2.7 (B-) or better.

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