Build your future with the academic experiences offered through the CMU College of Science and Technology's graduate programs.

You'll have opportunities to apply your knowledge and skills to meaningful research projects, work in world-class facilities and closely interact with distinguished professors in any of these 12 graduate programs:

Master of Science
  • Biology
    Tailor your program to emphasize any area of biology, including aquatic biology, ecology, physiology, microbial ecology, molecular biology or genetics.
  • Chemistry
    Focus on specialized research in areas such as biochemistry and analytical, inorganic, organic, organometallic, physical or polymer chemistry.
  • Conservation Biology
    Position yourself to take advantage of the expanding opportunities in conservation with state and federal agencies or nongovernmental organizations.
  • Computer Science
    Prepare for advanced entry into professional careers ranging from artificial intelligence to pattern recognition and image processing.
  • Geographic Information Sciences
    Explore cartography, geographic information systems or remote sensing.
  • Physics
    Enhance your opportunities in business-, industry-, or government-related careers, or prepare to teach physics or astronomy.
Master of Arts
  • Chemistry
    Gain the knowledge you need to teach high school and college chemistry.
  • Mathematics
    Structure your studies to prepare for any number of careers in business, industry and government or for secondary school teaching
  • Mathematics
    Explore pure or applied mathematics, statistics, or mathematics education and prepare for a career teaching college mathematics.
  • Science of Advanced Materials
    Develop new materials for anything from commercial applications to alternative energy.
Graduate certificate
  • Data Mining
    Integrate computing, statistics and geographical information systems to transform raw data into meaningful knowledge.