Planning your talk
Presenters should plan on giving a 5-10 minute talk. All presentations should use Powerpoint, and a total of 5-10 slides is recommended for your presentation. We realize that 10 minutes may not be enough time to fully present your work, but we recommend that you focus on presenting the reasons for the research (e.g. introduction), the hypothesis being tested, some methods, and the outcome of your experiments. Given the limited time, some experiments may be summarized in the summary/conclusions. Also, keep in mind that your audience will be a diverse group of biologists.

Recording your talk
After you have rehearsed your talk, record using Webex.

First, open documents on your desktop. Then, record (do not record to computer). After recording is enabled select the “share content” icon and then share screen. Finally, go through the presentation as you’ve rehearsed.

After recording, you will be e-mailed a link with your recorded presentation. Under link, click “view”. Click on the share icon at the top of the page, you can select either “anyone with the link can view this recording” to allow full access, or “anyone in my company can view this recording” to limit viewing to CMU. Here, you can also copy and paste the URL to the meeting. Send that link to You can add additional security to your file, by using the “edit” icon (next to the share icon) to prevent downloading.

If also participating in the Q&A, send your your webex personal room link (this is:[your global ID here]) to

After you have submitted your talk, you will be assigned a time for Q&A. Start a meeting and people with the link will join. Each assigned time will be 30 minutes in duration, and judging will occur at this time.