​As a student in the CMU Department of Biology, you'll begin to make career connections through internship opportunities available in biology laboratories and at cooperating research sites. Graduates of CMU's biology programs will find a variety of career and graduate study opportunities in various areas including:

  • Clinical, forensic, or microscopy laboratory research
  • Elementary or secondary education
  • Graduate-level biology programs
  • Industrial and academic laboratory research
  • Natural resource management, conservation, or ecology
  • Professional medical, veterinary, or dentistry school

BIO 495: Undergraduate Internship

An in-depth work experience in the your area of interest performed under a trained professional in the selected area of biology for 6 to 24 weeks.


You must have junior standing with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA in biology and completed at least 20 credit hours before being eligible for the internship program. If you don't meet these requirements, you may petition for a waiver through your advisor and the department chairperson.

Please contact the Department of Biology at 1-989-774-3227 for application information.

Click here for helpful information from CMU Career Services about researching and identifying internships.