Q. I'm not doing very well in Chemistry (Zoo, etc.) what should I do?

A. See the Pre-Vet advisor right away for individualized advice!

Q. When should I apply to Vet School?

  • Admission Cycle: MSU has just converted to rolling admissions, the earlier your materials are submitted the earlier they will be evaluated!
  • Applications Available:  July
  • Application Deadline: October 1. This is an absolute final deadline, applications will be accepted, and should be submitted, much earlier. (If Oct. 1 falls on a Sat. or Sun., then the deadline is the following Mon.) 
  • Interviews: as applications are reviewed
  • Notification of Admission Decisions:  Generally late Feb/early March 

Q. What do I need to know about applying to Michigan State's Vet School?

A. Click here

Q. Where can I get the VMCAS application package?

A. Click here

Q. What examinations should I take prior to applying to Vet School?

A. Scores from the GRE must be submitted at the time of application to a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program. (MSU will accept either the GRE or the MCAT)

Q. When should I take these examinations?

A. Early enough to have your scores back in time to apply by October 1 of the year.