A living classroom

While watching hands-on lessons about plants during a visit to a Midwest botanical garden in 2005, James Fabiano Sr., '65, '08 and CMU Trustee emeritus, shared his vision of a botanical garden on the campus of CMU with university officials. The idea became a reality in 2008 after Fabiano gave a generous donation to start the funding for the project.

"CMU is a treasure. It was when I was a student and it is now. It continues to grow and improve," Fabiano told Sarah Chuby, '03, during an interview for Centralight magazine. "These gardens will be yet another resource that sets our university apart."

The CMU Department of Biology played a crucial role with the initial conception of the garden and worked with Michigan State University's horticulture faculty and graduate students to create the final design plans. Additional input was provided by those with a passion for plants, their history and their ecosystems.

Take the scenic route

The CMU Fabiano Botanical Garden enhances the beauty of CMU's campus and furthers the university's education and community outreach opportunities. It encompasses a four-acre space located just west of Park Library on the southeast corner of Preston and Washington, and is divided into three major gardens:
  • Native Plants and Natural Communities Garden
  • Plants and Society Garden
  • Landscape Demonstration Garden

The garden has free admission and is open to the public year-round. Metered parking is required Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM through 4:00 PM. Parking is free at all other times.

Help our gardens grow

Friends of the CMU Fabiano Botanical Garden is the donor organization established to support the gardens. To learn more about how you can offer your support through Friends of the Fabiano Botanical Garden, please contact:

Robert Lake
Director of Development
ET Building 228D