‚ÄčThis scanning electron microscope (SEM) is the newest addition to the Microscopy Facility. The Hitachi 3400N-II has a tungsten filament electron gun with a large, motorized specimen chamber and has variable-pressure capability and an IR chamberscope. It is also equipped with a Deben cooling stage. There are several detectors on this instrument: the usual secondary detector, a 5-element backscattered electron detector, an environmental secondary electron detector, a Thermo-Noran System Seven energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometer with a silicon-drift detector, and a Gatan color cathodoluminescence detector.

The biology department offers a O Scanning Electron Microscopy Techniques class on a yearly basis during the spring semester. This is a laboratory-intensive class, with its focus on a final project, chosen by each student, that includes theory on SEM imaging and operation.