‚ÄčThe Nikon A1R is the new scanning laser confocal light microscope (CLSM). It is based on a Nikon Eclipse inverted microscope, and has Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) optics. The A1R is the primary research confocal microscope. This microscope uses a special detector for confocal scanning laser imaging, and also has a transmitted-light detector. Imaging capabilities include reflected-light confocal and transmitted-laser DIC imaging. It has 3 solid-state lasers and a dual-line argon gas laser, producing excitation lines at 403, 457/476, 488/514, 560 and 640 nm.

Objective lenses.

4X, 10X, multi-immersion 20X, 40X oil-immersion, 60X water-immersion and 60X oil-immersion.