​A chemistry master's degree focused on independent research

The Chemistry M.S. degree is a research degree with possible specializations in biochemistry, analytical, inorganic, organic, physical, polymer, and materials chemistry. Faculty members in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry work in all of these chemistry sub-disciplines. Please visit our department's areas of research and visit our faculty profiles for more information. The M.S. program prepares students for employment in the chemical industry and related industries or continued education in Ph.D. programs and other professional programs. Student tuition and stipends are typically supported by teaching or research assistantships.

Applying to the M.S. program

Applications for admission to the Chemistry M.S. program are available through the College of Graduate Studies.

College of Graduate Studies
Admissions Processing
802 Industrial Drive
Mount Pleasant, MI 48858
Office of International Affairs
Central Michigan University
Ronan Hall 330
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859

In addition to the standard College of Graduate Studies admission requirements, you must submit scores for the General GRE. Also, you must arrange for 2-3 references familiar with your academic abilities and suitability as a graduate student and teaching assistant to send letters of recommendation to the College of Graduate Studies. Letters of support may also be emailed directly to chmgrad@cmich.edu.

To receive full consideration for financial support beginning in a fall semester, all application materials must be received no later than February 1.

          M.S. Program Advisor
             Dr. Bingbing Li
             Dow Science Complex 257

Program Requirements

Below is a representative list of requirements for the M.S. program, which has a total of 30 credit hours. The complete, up-to-date program requirements and course descriptions are always available in the online academic bulletin for the Chemistry M.S. degree. Review these program requirements with the graduate program advisor to plan your coursework.

Foundation Courses (6-7 hours)
  • Select 2 of the following
    • CHM 511 - Advanced Analytical Chemistry
    • CHM 520 - Introductory Biochemistry
    • CHM 531 - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
    • CHM 541 - Advanced Organic Chemistry: Mechanisms
    • CHM 555 - Advanced Physical Chemistry
    • CHM 561 - Polymer Chemistry
Note: Selection of these courses will be done in consultation with the graduate program committee or graduate advisor.

Required Courses (3 hours)
  • CHM 601 - Chemistry Seminar Presentations 
  • CHM 602 - Scientific Writing in Chemistry
Electives (11-12 hours)
  • Sufficient 500, 600 and 700 level advanced courses to meet the minimum 30 credit hour requirement. At least 6 credit hours must be earned in CHM courses at the 600 level. Electives must be approved by the Graduate Program Committee. A complete, up-to-date list of chemistry electives with course descriptions is always available in the online academic bulletin.
Plan Option (9 hours)
Select one of the following plans:
  • Plan A, Thesis Option (9 hours)
    • CHM 798 - Thesis
Note: Arrangements for completion of the thesis requirements are worked out between the student, research director and thesis committee chair. For further information, the student may confer with the graduate program coordinator or the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

  • Plan B, Non-Thesis Option
    • Select 8 hours of Electives at the 600 level plus CHM 698 - Plan B Project
Note: Students must submit a Plan B project approved by the chemistry graduate committee that discusses their independent study or research.

What's Next ?

If you are a prospective M.S. student and would like more information about this program, please contact the department or the M.S. program advisor (contact information is listed above). You can apply to this program following the instructions above. If you are interested in other graduate programs offered by the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, click here.

If you are a current student and need information, please review the pages on this website or set up a meeting with the M.S. program advisor.