For coursework and research advising, contact your faculty research advisor and/or the program advisor:

          Dr. Gabriel Caruntu
             Dow Science Complex 361

Graduate Assistantships

Click here for more information about teaching and research assistantships offered by the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry.

Funding for Research and Presentations

  • Dissertation Support Program - Grants to support doctoral students' dissertation research
  • Graduate Student Research & Creative Endeavors Grant - Grants to support master's student research
  • Graduate Student Presentation Grant - Grants for reimbursement of expenses associated with graduate students' presentation
  • GA Conference Grant - Grants for reimbursement of expenses associated with attending a conference for graduate assistants within the union
  • Department and College Presentation Funding - The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry and the College of Science & Engineering provide funding to offset the costs associated with a student presenting their work at a conference

Other Resources