A First-Class Undergraduate Education in the Central Science

As the "Central Science,” chemistry connects the physical sciences with applied and life sciences, which enables chemists to address a variety of societal problems relating to energy, the environment, human health, medicine, agriculture, food, and many other areas. We offer bachelor's degrees that prepare students for graduate/professional school or careers in chemistry, biochemistry, and related fields. Our alumni have earned positions and become leaders in industry, academia, and government laboratories.

Undergraduate Programs in Chemistry & Biochemistry

  • Chemistry (B.S., B.A.) - This ACS-approved program that prepares students for graduate study or a career in chemistry and related fields, for example in polymer and materials chemistry, environmental chemistry, and industrial chemical technology.
  • Biochemistry (B.S., B.A.) - This ASBMB accredited program prepares students for graduate study or a career in biochemistry, for example in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. It is also well-suited for pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-pharmacy, and other life science focused pre-professional students.
  • Chemistry Teaching (B.S. in Education) - An ACS-approved degree program prepares students to teach chemistry at the high school level.
  • Chemistry Minor - A chemistry minor can strengthen and diversify a variety of majors in STEM and other fields.

Undergraduate Capstone Research for Every Student

The signature component of each of our bachelor's degrees is a faculty-mentored undergraduate capstone research program, which has been operating in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry for over 50 years and is the only program of its kind among Michigan's 15 public universities. Read more about the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry's research areas, facilities, and resources here.

Student Support

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry offers numerous scholarships to supplement students' financial aid, various financial and educational resources to support students' success in coursework and research, and student-led organizations to enhance students' educational experience in chemistry.