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An exceptional undergraduate education and distinctive, focused graduate programs. For over 50 years, the hallmark of our accredited undergraduate degrees has been a faculty-mentored capstone research program, the only one of its kind among Michigan’s 15 public universities. Our M.S and Ph.D. students utilize modern facilities and work with faculty in specialized research areas including materials, biochemistry, and chemical education. Together, our programs develop students into professional scientists who we are proud to call alumni.

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  • Modular SNO-OCT Scaffolds for Rapid, 'Mutually Othogonal' Bioorthogonal Labeling
     Dr. Jennifer M. Schomaker, University of Wisconsin-Madison
     March 15, 4pm

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  • Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Central Michigan University
    Dow Science Complex 268
    Mount Pleasant, MI
    Phone: 989.774.3981
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