Students in classroon at CMU Biological Station‚Äč

Earning college credit as a high school sophomore, junior, or senior is a great way to launch your college career.

  • Learn field biology techniques and gain understanding of the natural world
  • Prepare for your first year of college
  • Earn 3 college biology credits in two weeks
  • Interact with distinguished faculty members
  • Meet other college students

Courses for High School Students and Incoming Freshmen

All courses are tentative until finalized by the Registrar.

Introduction to Field Biology - BIO 100Z

Summer Session 2 - July 17 through July 28, 2021

(3 credits)

Introduction to the techniques and methods for field studies in biology.  Sampling procedures, interpretation and data analysis emphasize basic ecological relationships between organisms and their environments.

Note: High school sophomores, juniors and seniors that meet CMU Admissions requirements will be considered for enrollment in BIO 100Z.

For more information about BIO 100Z, click HERE