​​Computer Center

The department's Computer Center offers non-paid internship opportunities to CPS and ITC students.

If you would like to apply for an internship, please contact:

Dr. Lisa Gandy
Central Michigan University
Pearce Hall 413 ​
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859

Computer Science/Information Technology Internship Program

The Department of Computer Science maintains internship programs for qualified undergraduates interested in obtaining academic credit for computer science related job experiences. The job must be of such a nature that its completion adds to your academic growth in computer science.


Applications can be picked up in Pearce Hall 413 or you may download a fillable PDF form here.


The department does not place students in positions but does maintain a list of employers who have employed CMU interns in the past, and posts announcements of internship opportunities received.

Semester Credit

If you have secured an internship position, you may register for CPS 395 or ITC 495. For each of these courses, you can earn up to 9 semester hours of credit; however, not more than 3 hours may count toward your major. As a general rule, 100 hours of internship experience equates to one semester hour of academic credit and no more than 3 credits may be earned on any single project.


You are not normally compensated for your work as an intern working for a CMU department. If you're working for another organization, then compensation is established by that organization for your position.