Our goal is to establish cooperative research efforts with industry and the academic community in software engineering and information technology worldwide. SEITI is aiming to work hand-in- hand with the software industry all over the world in their research, thereby attempting to bring together the academic community and the industry sector.

SEITI believes that research is more successful and beneficial to all when many scholars from different locations of the same sector work together towards a particular goal. Hence, SEITI strongly propels international co-research.

SEITI was founded and recognized as an institute by Central Michigan University. It intends to develop a complete infrastructure for a cyber-technology park at Central Michigan University. This cyber-technology park will nourish software engineering research projects going on not only in central Michigan, but also projects worldwide in which SEITI is involved.

SEITI encourages the growth of undergraduate and graduate research because we recognize its value to both the community and the students' education.

Our Motivation

Our motivation is to develop and share techniques to make the software development process a more productive process. Also, SEITI intends to improve the quality of software development worldwide. SEITI looks at itself as a core facility and a clearinghouse for software development.