What is AITP

The Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) is a worldwide professional association that focuses on information technology education for business professionals.  AITP provides a strong network of powerful resources and opportunities to achieve your professional goals.

Who can join

ANY CMU STUDENT regardless of your major can join AITP at CMU.

Benefits of joining AITP

  • AITP offers opportunities for Information Technology (IT) leadership and education through  partnerships with industry leaders
  • Quality IT education
  • Member only webinars and conferences focusing on information technology education
  • Networking with nearly 9,000 members in the IT profession
  • Attend the National Colligate Conference and complete in competitions covering many aspects of information technology

The AITP goal at CMU is to assist in providing a strong computer programmer or information technology candidate additional skills and resources to excel in the IT industry.  We strive to provide the additional education for our members to become better candidates in the work force and stronger professionals.

To Become a Member

E-mail the CMU AITP president, Ankrit Gupta, at gupta4a@cmich.edu, or the CMU AITP Vice-President, Rachel Crowley, at crowl1rr@cmich.edu‚Äč.