Three students at computer workstation

​The CMU Department of Computer Science offers the technology, equipment and academic programs you need to prepare for a computer - or technology-related career or ongoing study at the graduate level.

To develop the background you need for a career in this field, choose your academic major or minor from our undergraduate programs.  You can also major in an interdisciplinary program such as computer science/mathematics.

A Master's Degree program in computer science and a Graduate Certificate in data mining are also offered.

Whether you're in a network laboratory or applying your knowledge in the CMU Center for Software Development, the Department of Computer Science promotes active learning to help you develop the background skills to compete in today's job market.

Choose from majors in:

The study of computer science can lead to such careers as applications programmer, systems programmer/analyst, computer communications specialist, database manager, and consultant.

If you are looking for general instruction in computer science, are interested in teaching the subject and/or want to undertake advanced study of computer science at the graduate level, then this is the major for you.

Minor: Optional
Total: 49 semester hours

Information technology graduates will find a variety of career opportunities, including network administration, database administration, Web master, application system designer, multimedia specialist, and customer service technologist.

Minor: Optional
Total: 51-52 semester hours