​Course Descriptions - Required Environmental Science Courses​

ENS 101QR: Of Earth and Us: Introduction to Environmental Science 3(3-0)

Explore environmental systems through examination of major issues facing humanity today.  Topics include water availability and quality, climate change, sustainable resource management, pollutions, and biodiversity.  Quantitative Reasoning. (Group IIB: Quantitative and Mathematical Sciences).
Prerequisites: None

ENS 223: Biogeochemical Cycling in the Environment 4(4-0)

Earth systems approach to studying biogeochemical cycles from molecular to global scales. Topics include: climate, energy, water cycling, ecology, biosphere, carbon and nutrient cycles. 
Prerequisites: ENS 101, MTH 130 or higher, CHM 131

ENS 307: Environmental Field Sampling and Laboratory Analytics 4(2-4)

Covers methods used for sample collection and preservation (including water, sediment, and soils) and explores the analytical techniques used to characterize these environmental samples
Prerequisites: ENS 223 with a C- or better, PHY 145, GEL 308

ENS 401: Quantitative Environmental Data Analysis 3(2-2)

In depth application of quantitative, statistical, and computational methods used in visualization and interpretation of environmental datasets.  Emphasis on field and laboratory data analysis.  
Prerequisites: ENS 307 with a C- or better, MTH 133, STA 382QR

ENS 491: Internship 1-3(Spec)

Internship in the field of environmental sciences. 
Prerequisites: Three of more courses in ENS program (2 of which must be 300 level or greater), permission of instructor

ENS 503: Environmental Modeling 4(2-4)

Environmental models used to understand behaviors and interactions in complex systems.  Includes design and building of environmental models, calibration, verification, and validation.  may be offered as Writing Intensive.  
Prerequisites: ENS 401 with a C- or better or graduate status in a CS&E program

ENS 597: Independent Study 1-3(Spec)

Research in environmental science with topics agreed upon by student and instructor.  May be taken on by arrangement prior to registration.
Prerequisites: Three or more courses in ENS program (2 of which must be 300 level or higher) or graduate status in a CS&E program, permission of instructor