Geology studies various parts of our planet - from the surface we inhabit to the center of the Earth, from rivers and groundwater to deep earthquakes and volcanoes. It is a remarkably interdisciplinary branch of science, which combines elements of chemistry, physics, math, biology, engineering, societal interactions, computer sciences, and more. CMU Geology Majors have an opportunity to pursue a diverse range of careers in industry, consulting, government, and academia.

The Geology program at CMU features a new curriculum, which allows you to compete the program requirements in two to three years, dedicated faculty with state-of-the-art research programs actively involving undergraduate students, and truly individualized and student-centered approach which focuses on YOUR success. In addition to a diverse class content, our program emphasizes the development of professional skills highly valued by employers, such as written and oral communication skills, field and laboratory experience, and ample opportunities for teamwork. All our classes are interactive and hands-on, and our faculty have received numerous teaching and research awards.

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Why Geology at CMU

Small classes (less than 20 students) allows for a personalized learning experience.
Our new curriculum, designed to be completed in as little as two years, provides the core skills you will need in your career while allowing a choice of elective courses depending on your interests.
Our students receive one-on-one mentoring and advice directly from faculty members. These faculty mentors share opportunities and help tailor your academic experience to achieve success after graduation.
The student geology club, which is a chapter of the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG), creates a vibrant student community, organizes fun Spring break trips and outreach activities, and provides diverse training and networking opportunities. It received the AIPG Student Chapter of the Year Award in 2019!
Your coursework includes lots of hands-on experience, such as field trips, mapping exercises, work on microscopes, access to research-grade analytical laboratories, and usage of cutting-edge software for data analysis.
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New courses have been designed to build YOUR professional skills, that are highly valued by employers: GEL 270 Field Methods, GEL 277 Research and Communication Skills, ENS/GEL 409 Professional Development in Geosciences, GEL 444 Preparation for ASBOG.
Geology Field Camp is a required capstone course that takes our students to national or international geologic field sites. This is how geology seniors integrate what they learned in the classroom and practice professional skills, before earning their Geology BS degree.

Our students have ample opportunities to participate in state-of-the-art research through Independent Projects and/or Senior Thesis. Several research projects were conducted abroad. Our undergraduate students regularly present their work at the leading geoscience conferences, such as the Annual Meetings of the Geological Society of America and American Geophysical Union.
Our program offers multiple scholarships to support students in their academic and research endeavors.
We have a vast network of alumni who are available to advise current students and who visit campus to participate in our annual Alumni Career Day event.