Geology studies our planet and all the different processes that shape the natural world around us. In the Geology program, you’ll learn about natural resources, such as energy, materials and water needed to sustain our society, about natural hazards - for example, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and floods, about the origin and evolution of life, oceans and mountains, and much more. As a geology major at CMU, you will master geologic knowledge, competencies, and skills that will help you succeed in your chosen geoscience career. Ample opportunities for team-based field and laboratory projects, critical thinking, computer applications, and technical communication (written, oral, and virtual) will help you become a modern professional geoscientist. You will receive individualized, one-on-one mentoring, and you can conduct your own research projects and present your scientific discoveries at leading geoscience conferences.

Geoscience career paths are quite diverse! Our alumni have embraced the energy sector (both conventional and unconventional); mineral and water resources management and exploration; environmental, geological, or geophysical research and consulting; analytical instrumentation; museum curating; higher education; and science policy advising. Geology faculty advisors are here for individual advising, guidance, and networking to help you decide the career path or graduate program that fit you best!

Hands-on field and lab activities are key in the majority of the geology courses, and you’ll have many opportunities to work with professional grade software, field instruments, and laboratory equipment that are used in industry, government, and academic settings. Geology Field Camp is a required capstone course that takes our students to national or international geologic field sites. This is an exceptional opportunity for seniors to integrate what they learn in the program and practice professional skills, before earning their Geology BS degree.

Moreover, lab work and field trips, research projects with passionate professors, the Geology club activities, the speaker series, and many other fun events (face to face or virtual) create a friendly, cooperative, and diverse community, where each and every one will feel safe, comfortable, and appreciated, so you can reach your full potential.