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Central Michigan University offers the ONLY Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology in Michigan.

  • Our students receive one-on-one mentoring and advice directly from faculty members.  These faculty mentors share opportunities and help tailor your academic experience to achieve success after graduation.

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Ian Davison, with alumni and C N N weather man Derek VanDame

  • Get real hands-on experience with state of the art equipment - including a weather balloon launching system, surface weather station, electronic weather map wall, and meteorology computer lab.

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  • CMU's Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society offers you the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships through your shared passion for meteorology.

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  • “The teachers get to know the students personally and the students form lasting friendships, and this really makes it a great learning environment.”
  • “The professors are very approachable about searching for jobs, internships, and graduate programs.” 
  • “I appreciate all of the time the staff has put into inviting different meteorology speakers to come and share their experiences and knowledge with us.”
  • “Classes have been thorough and tough, but I have learned a lot, especially since the professors hold us to such high standards. Professors are readily available and willing to help students nearly any time of the day in person or by email.”
  • “I really enjoy being able to work in groups with my classmates on labs. It was a lot of work, but doing WxChallenge, forecasting for CMU, doing weekend in weather and other projects were stressful, but they helped me grow.” 
  • “I have developed a true understanding of forecasting and the mathematics behind Meteorology. I have also gained vast numbers of references by attending conference and other talks.”
  • “The professors are very approachable, friendly, and helpful while assisting the students. I found the professors to be the most helpful part of the program.”
  • “I feel prepared because the teachers would tell us about opportunities and help us to build our resumes and approach people to inquire about internships.”
  • “The opportunities I have had to present research at national conferences and other venues have made me more self-confident about presenting meteorological research in general.”
  • “I feel well prepared for the workforce because of my education from CMU. The meteorology department and faculty hold their students to very high standards. The classes are difficult, but you learn a lot.” 
  • “I liked the campus forecasts. I felt they were the best part of the program as they reflected what we'll be doing in our day-to-day job duties.”
  • “I like the challenge of forecasting, case studies, weekend in weather, etc. because this type of mindset will really prepare you for forecasting jobs.”
  • “I had a great opportunity to complete undergraduate research.” 
  • “The faculty provided great guidance and support for me my entire time in the program, something I believe is immensely important.”
  • “There seem to be ​a number of opportunities beyond the classroom for more learning.”