• ​​Ph.D., Geology, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, 1998
  • M.S., Geology, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, 1992
  • B.S., Geology, Allegheny College, 1985


  • American Geophysical Union
  • Council of Undergraduate Research
  • Geological Society of America
  • Mineralogical Society of America
  • National Association of Geoscience Teachers

​Honors and Awards

​Central Michigan University, College of Science and Technology Outstanding Teaching Award, 2003

​Professional Interests

​Emplacement of magma into the crust; magma and wall-rock (solid-state) flow; fluid controlled deformation in wall rocks; regional deformation in the White-Inyo Range, Eastern California

​Teaching Areas

​Structural Geology; Geophysics; Field mapping; Earth Processes

​Selected Publications

  • ​Morgan, S.S., Jones, R., Conner, J., Student, J., Schaner, M., Horsman, E., and de Saint Blanquat, M., submitted to GEOLOGY, High density mapping of magnetic susceptibility delineates cryptic magma sheets in the Maiden Creek sill, Henry Mts., Utah
  • Nabelek, P.I., Stephenson, S., Morgan, S., & Student, J., in Press, Properties of fluids attending variable recrystallization of quartzite during contact metamorphism in the White-Inyo Range, California.  Journal of Metamorphic Geology
  • Morgan, S.S., Nabelek, P.I., Student, J.J., and Sadorski, J.F., 2016, Fluid-controlled grain boundary migration and switch in slip systems in a high strain, high temperature contact aureole, California, USA.     Tectonophysics, v. 676, p. 42-55.
  • Tikoff, B., Blenkinsop, T., Kruckenberg, S.C., Morgan, S., Newman, J., and Wojtal, S. (2013) A perspective on the emergence of modern structural geology: Celebrating the feedbacks between historical-based and process-based approaches, in Bickford, M.E., ed., The Web of Geological Sciences: Advances, Impacts and Interactions: Geological Society of America Special ​Paper 500.
  • Morgan, S.S., Law, R.D., Saint Blanquat, M., 2013, Forceful Emplacement of the Eureka Valley-Joshua Flat-Beer Creek composite pluton into a structural basin in eastern California: internal structure and wall rock deformation. Tectonophysics, v. 608, p. 753-773.
  • Nabelek, P.I., and Morgan, S.S., 2012, Metamorphism and Fluid Flow in the Contact Aureole of the Eureka Valley-Joshua Flat-Beer Creek (EJB) Pluton, California. Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 124, p. 228-239.
  • Saint Blanquet (de), M., Horsman, E., Habert, G., Morgan, S., Vanderhaeghe, O., Law, R. and Tikoff, B., 2011. Multiscale magmatic cyclicity, duration of pluton construction, and the paradoxical relationship between tectonism and plutonism in continental arcs. Tectonophysics, 500: 22-33, dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.tecto.2009.12.009
  • Horsman, E., Morgan, S., Saint-Blanquat (de), M., Habert, G., Hunter, R.S., *Nugent, R. and Tikoff, B., 2010. Emplacement and assembly of shallow plutons through multiple magma pulses, Henry Mountains, Utah. Earth and Environmental Science ​Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 100, 117-132.
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  • Saint Blanquat, M., Law, R.D., Bouchez, J-L., and Morgan, S.S., (2001) Internal structure and emplacement of the Papoose Flat pluton: an integrated structural, petrographic and magnetic susceptibility study. Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 113, p. 976-995.
  • Morgan, S.S., Law, R.D., and Nyman, M.W. (1998) Laccolith-like emplacement model for the Papoose Flat pluton based on porphyroblast-matrix analysis: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 110, p. 96-110.​