Total: 24 Semester Hours

Students with the Natural Resources Minor (NRM) have majors in a variety of areas such as Outdoor Recreation, Biology, Geography, and Environmental Studies. Majors do not typically allow course choices from outside the major department.

The NRM serves as a tool to broaden and strengthen the chosen major by allowing diverse courses to be selected according to student needs and interests. The NRM has a balanced set of core courses that offer understanding of the nature of the various natural resources, their importance, and their various management problems and opportunities. Depending on your specific interests or professional needs, the NRM advisor can help to choose among a number of electives that satisfy both your interest and professional goals.

Admission Requirements:
It is essential that if you are interested in a Natural Resources Minor (NRM), you should meet with an NRM advisor as early as possible to discuss interests, needs, as well as to decide on electives.

In addition, you must:
  • Sign the authorization with the advisor as soon as possible
  • Complete the core and elective courses specified on the authorization
  • Earn a minimum of a 2.7 GPA in the courses taken to satisfy the minor
  • Accumulate 24 semester hours of approved coursework that are not counted toward any major(s) or another minor. Any courses that are counted toward your major(s) or minor(s) that match core or elective courses on the NRM authorization must be replaced by other courses on the electives list and should be selected in consultation with the advisor.

For more information on the Natural Resources Minor, please contact the program's advisor.

David Zanatta
Brooks Hall 186

Total: 52-63 semester hours

This multidisciplinary major integrates courses from four departments: biology, chemistry, rehabilitation and medical sciences, and psychology. The major is designed to provide you with the requisite academic background, technical skills, and hands-on research experience to successfully compete for either neuroscience-related jobs in the private and public sectors or for admission to graduate or professional schools.

The major consists of 27 credit hours of required courses and 12 credit hours of electives from courses in biology, health promotion and rehabilitation, and/or psychology. In addition, a minimum of 12 credit hours of chemistry is required.

For more information on the Neuroscience Major, please contact the program's advisor:

Michelle Steinhilb
Biosciences 3105