Goal: Introduce students and community to an aspect of chemistry in their everyday life through a hands on, engaging, educational experiment conducted in their own community. Participants will compile their findings with others across the region and participate in drawing conclusions as part of a science community.

Who: There is are opportunities for everyone to be involved! Science professionals are needed to drive implementation of the program and support classroom activities, teachers to bring the program to their school, students as excited active participants, and all community members as supporters. We will partner with institutions across our region with expertise in the topic area, science education, or community outreach.

What: The experiment will focus on water chemistry, giving the opportunity for participants to observe variability across the region.

When: Classroom experimental will begin in fall 2018 with results shared at the CERM meeting in June 2019.

Where: Classrooms all across the central region will be invited to participate, with the program being driven from the Midland community and our partner institutions.

Why: In addition to engaging students and community members on this specific activity, an additional goal is to demonstrate to ACS and the broader scientific community that it is feasible to design and implement scalable large scale community experiments that engage a large number of people with a reasonable level of volunteer involvement.