Teachers will receive water quality test kits while supplies last. (The kits and supporting classroom documentation are provided by H2O Q and the generous supportort of the ACS CERM 2019 corporate supporters.

  • Conductivity: ions present in solution, correlated to total dissolved solids
  • pH: hydrogen ion activity (acidic, neutral, or basic) impacts biological function and the ability to sustain life
  • Phosphate: essential in plant life for eutrophication, found in many human activities causing over growth
  • Dissolved Oxygen: necessary for fish, algae, macrophytes, etc. & many chemical reactions of natural water systems
  • Nitrate: essential for plant and animal growth, overabundance water systems overstimulates plant & algae growth
  • Turbidity: measure of the cloudiness of a sample, which impacts sunlight penetration, plant life, & rest of aquatic life.  

    water quality test kit