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Conduct the experiement
  • Measure your local watershed water quality chemistry
  • Use the Midland ACS kit to measure 6 key water quality parameters
Contribute to the crowd
  • Outdoor classroom to do water chemistry
  • Add your data to the crowd source data map
Research your local water quality question
  • On your own or with the help of a local chemist
  • Celebrate your successes at the 2019 CERM regional meeting, Midland, MI June 4-8, 2019

​Upcoming Events

  • BAISD Fall Conference 2018
     October 10, 2018
     Bay City, Michigan
  • Chippewa Nature Center
     Late October, 2018
     Midland, Michigan
  • CERM 2019
     June 4-8, 2019
     Midland, Michigan

​Contact Us

  • H2O Quality Team
    Central Michigan University
    350 Dow Science Building
    Mount Pleasant, MI 48859
  • Dr. Dale LeCaptain
    Central Michigan University
    Phone: 989-774-3993
  • Jamie Curtis-Fisk
    Dow Chemical Company