The M.A. in Mathematics is a two-year program.  It emphasizes more computational aspects of mathematics for students who are interested in jobs in business, industry, and government.  The program also retains the flexibility to prepare students for teaching mathematics at the undergraduate level or to undertake doctoral work in mathematics.

The M.A. in Mathematics program requires a total of 30 credit hours with two different research requirements:

  • Plan A: Twenty four (24) hours of course work and six hours of Thesis.
  • Plan B: Twenty seven (27) hours of course work, two Plan B papers (one credit hour each) plus Graduate Student Seminar (one credit hour).

Admission Requirements for the M.A. in Mathematics program:  

To be admitted to the program, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must meet all CMU Graduate Studies admission requirements. International students should take note of any special admission considerations required by the College of Graduate Studies, including TOEFL requirements. 
  • Applicants must have successfully completed a minimum of 20 semester hours of mathematics including Multivariate Calculus (equivalent to MTH 233), Abstract Algebra (equivalent to MTH 523), and Advanced Calculus (equivalent to MTH 532). Students missing one or more of these courses may be considered for Conditional Admission. Applicants granted Conditional Admission will be asked to take the missing course(s) when they begin the program. A grade point average of 2.7 overall and a 2.7 in mathematics are required. 
  • Applicants must submit a Statement of Purpose of at least 100 words and not to exceed two pages. The Statement of Purpose should explain their relevant academic and professional experiences, discuss motivation for applying to the program, and describe their goals after completing the program. 
  • Both admission to the program and awards of Graduate Assistantships are competitive. Applicants interested in a Graduate Assistantship position must submit a Graduate Assistantship Application along with General GRE scores and three letters of recommendation directly to the Department of Mathematics. Evaluation for Graduate Assistantships is based on the nature of previous coursework, grades, general GRE scores, and letters of recommendation. The deadline for applying for a Graduate Assistantship is February 15. Application materials received after February 15 are considered on a rolling basis until all positions are filled.

Program Requirements for the M.A. in Mathematics Program:

  • Algebra Requirements (6 hours)
    • MTH 525 - Advanced Linear Algebra
    • MTH 623 - The Theory of Groups and Rings
  • Analysis Requirements (9 hours)
    • MTH 533 - Advanced Calculus II 
    • MTH 632 - Introduction to Real Analysis and its Applications
    • MTH 636 - Introduction to Complex Variables
  • Applied Mathematics Requirement (3 hours)  Select one of the following:
    • MTH 520 - Optimization Theory
    • MTH 534 - Applied Mathematics and Differential Equations
    • MTH 638 - Theoretical Numerical Analysis
  • Core Electives (6 hours)  Select two of the following:
    • MTH 527 - Representation Theory of the Symmetric Group
    • MTH 578 - Combinatorics and Graph Theory
    • MTH 625 - Theory of Modules and Fields
    • MTH 634 - Fourier Analysis
    • MTH 637 - Complex Variable Theory
    • MTH 543 - Curves and Surfaces
    • MTH 645 - Algebraic Topology
    • MTH 673 - History of Advanced Mathematics
    • MTH 761 - Methods for Teaching College Mathematics
    • MTH 762 - A Survey of Research in Collegiate Mathematics Education
    • STA 584 - Mathematics Statistics I
  • Research Requirements (6 hours)  Select either plan A or plan B:
    • Plan A (6 hours)
      • Completion of a thesis, ​including an oral examination over the thesis
        • MTH 798 Thesis
    •  Plan B (6 hours)  Required Courses (3 hours)
      • 1 hour or MTH 693, plus 1 h​​our of MTH 698 for Plan B paper 1, and 1 hour of MTH 698 for Plan B paper 2:
        • MTH​ 693 - Graduate Seminar in Mathematics and Its Application
        • MTH 698 - Plan B​ Project
  • Electives (3 hours)
    • Electives may be chosen from any graduate level course and may be selected from a department other than mathematics. Electives must be chosen with approval of your advisor.