• Minimum Total for Graduation after Bachelor Degree: 75 hours
  • Minimum Total for Graduation after Master Degree: 45 hours

The Ph.D. degree is a content-based degree program that has two concentrations:

  • Concentration in Mathematics
  • Concentration in Collegiate Mathematics Education

Coursework is broadly distributed across the various areas of mathematics and mathematics education. The Ph.D. degree is designed to (a) develop well-prepared teachers to teach college level mathematics and conduct independent research effectively in their areas of expertise or (b) prepare students with advanced knowledge and applications in mathematics to work effectively in non-academic environments.

For students who are interested in teaching at universities, the program has a unique component of two courses on teaching pedagogy in addition to two semesters of teaching internships.
For students who are interested in industrial jobs, the program has a component of professional internship to provide students work experience in a non-academic environment.

Admission Requirements for Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences:

  • Applicants must meet all CMU Graduate Studies admission requirements. International students should take note of any special admission considerations required by the College of Graduate Studies, including TOEFL requirements. 
  • Applicants with a Bachelor's degree must have successfully completed 20 semester hours of mathematics including Multivariate Calculus (equivalent to MTH 233), Abstract Algebra (equivalent to MTH 523), and Advanced Calculus (equivalent to MTH 532). A minimum GPA of 2.7 overall (or 3.0 in the final sixty semester hours of graded coursework toward the bachelor's degree) and 3.0 in mathematics is required. 
  • Applicants with a Master's degree in mathematics equivalent to the M .A. degree at Central Michigan University must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in their graduate work. 
  • Applicants must submit general GRE examination scores and three letters of recommendation directly to the Department of Mathematics at mthgrad@cmich.edu
  • Applicants must submit a Statement of Purpose of at least 100 words and not to exceed two pages. The Statement of Purpose should explain their relevant academic and professional experiences, discuss motivation for applying to the program, and describe their goals after completing the program. 
  • Full consideration is guaranteed for applicants who submit all materials before February 15. Application materials received after February 15 are evaluated on a rolling basis until all positions are filled. 
  • Both admission to the program and awards of Graduate Assistantships are competitive, with evaluation based on the nature of previous coursework, grades, general GRE scores, and letters of recommendation. Applicants interested in a Graduate Assistantship position must submit a Graduate Assistantship Application directly to the Mathematics Department. The deadline for applying for a Graduate Assistantship is February 15. Application materials received after February 15 are considered on a rolling basis until all positions are filled.

Program Requirements for Ph.D. Program:

The two concentrations require a list of Common Core Courses, Internship, Dissertation, and Concentration-Specific coursework, and Qualifying Exams.

  • For students who have a B.A./B.S. degree, the requirements are:
    • Common Core Courses (21 hours)
    • Concentration-Specific coursework (36 hours)
    • Internship  (6 hours)
    • Dissertation (12 hours)
    • Qualifying Exams: two subjects
  • For those who have an M.A. in Mathematics, the common core courses and concentration-specific coursework may be reduced depending on individual's background and the chosen concentration in consultation with an academic advisor.