The faculty and staff of the Mathematics Department are committed to excellence in teaching, research, service and outreach. The Department provides a foundation in Mathematics and Mathematics Education for all undergraduate and graduate students. The programs within the department lead to discovery, analysis and dissemination of mathematics and mathematics education. The Department actively recruits quality students for its graduate and undergraduate programs. In addition, a portion of the Department's teaching is directed at meeting the mathematical needs of other graduate and undergraduate programs throughout the university. These programs, designed in consultation with affected disciplines, will provide mathematical training to their students to allow them to utilize mathematics in solving problems related to their respective areas. The Department provides students with a full appreciation of mathematics and its applications. We equip graduates with the tools necessary to fully participate in a technological society and a competitive global environment.

The Department is committed to:

  • Providing quality major and minor programs, viable graduate programs, and quality service courses
  • Contributing to the advancement of mathematics and mathematics education through quality research
  • Serving as a resource of mathematical knowledge and pedagogy for the University and community.
The Department's vision is to create an integrated teaching, research and outreach unit to enhance the visibility, linkages and impact of mathematics and mathematics education at the University and in the community. Vital core focus areas will be developed, and participation in multidisciplinary collaborations will be encouraged. The Department will maintain broad strength in mathematics and mathematics education. Strengthening connections between areas will provide the foundations that underlie scientific principles and help prepare students to function and flourish in an increasingly technological society.