Doug Lapp
Department of Mathematics
Mathematics Education
Pearce Hall 134D

Dr. Lapp is a professor of Mathematics at Central Michigan University


  • Mathematical Association of America (MAA),
  • Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE),
  • National Council of Teacher of Mathematics (NCTM),
  • Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics (MCTM)

Honors and Awards

  • College of Science and Technology Outstanding Teaching Award, 2001


  • Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 1995
  • M.A., The Ohio State University, 1990
  • B.S.Ed., The Ohio State University, 1988

Professional Interests

  • Use of technology in the teaching and learning of mathematics

Teaching Areas

  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Education

Selected Publications

  • Lapp, D.A., Nyman, M., & Berry, J. (in press). Student Connections of Linear Algebra Concepts: An Analysis of Concept Maps. International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology.
  • Lapp, D.A. & St. John, D. (2009). Gifted and talented mathematics students: Perspectives from the USA. Mathematics in School, 38(3), 38-41.
  • Lapp, D.A. & St. John, D. (2009). Dynamically connected representations: A powerful tool for the teaching and learning of mathematics. The International Journal for Technology in Mathematics Education, 16(1), 37-44. (Pre-print)
  • Berry, J. S., Lapp, D.A., & Nyman, M.A. (2008). Using technology to facilitate reasoning: Lifting the fog from linear algebra, Teaching Mathematics and Its Applications, 27(2), 102-111.
  • Manouchehri, A. & Lapp, D.A. (2003). Unveiling Student Understanding: The Role of Questioning in Instruction, Mathematics Teacher, 96(8), 562-566.
  • Lapp, D. A. & Cyrus, V. F. (2000). Using Data Collection Devices to Enhance Student Understanding, Mathematics Teacher, 93(6), 504-510.
  • Lapp, D. A. (1999). Multiple Representations for Pattern Exploration with the Graphing Calculator and Manipulatives, Mathematics Teacher, 92(2), 109-113.
  • Lapp, D. A. & Moenk, S. J. (1999). Calculator-Based Laboratory Technology: What Does Research Suggest?, Presented at the 12th International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics, San Francisco, CA, 4-7 November 1999.
  • Lapp, D. A. (1999). Using Calculator-Based Laboratory Technology: Insights from Research, Presented at the Fourth International Conference on Technology in Mathematics Teaching, Plymouth, United Kingdom, 9-13 August 1999.
  • Lapp, D. A. (1997). A Theoretical Model for Student Perception of Technological Authority: Impact on Instruction, Presented at the Third International Conference on Technology in Mathematics Teaching, Koblenz, Germany, 29 September-2 October 1997.