• Christal Schoen: Graduation Year 2020
    Advisor: Douglas Lapp
    Dissertation Title: The Role of the Use of Technology and Social Media within the Dynamic of an Active Learning Calculus Classroom
  • Jordan Gill: Graduation Year 2020
    Advisor: Christine Phelps-Gregory
    Dissertation Title: Mathematics Self-Efficacy, Mathematical Mindset and Their Relationship to Study Habits and Perseverance
  • Matthew Barco: Graduation Year 2019
    Advisor: Dennis St. John
    Dissertation Title: Experiencing Active Calculus: A Mixed Methods Investigation of Student Perceptions in a Networked Active-Learning Calculus Environment
  • Robert Chamblin: Graduation Year 2018
    Advisor: Christine Phelps-Gregory
    Dissertation Title: Investigating the Effects of Classroom Climate on Mathematics Self-Efficacy
  • Olaseni Fadipe: Graduation Year 2017
    Advisor: Katrina Piatek-Jimenez
    Dissertation Title: The development of Quantitative Literacy (QL) in college students
  • David Grollimund: Graduation Year 2017
    Advisor: Douglas Lapp
    Dissertation Title: Development of Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge (TPACK) in Pre-service Mathematics Teachers
  • Linda Anderson: Graduation Year 2016
    Advisor: Douglas Lapp
    Dissertation Title: The Role of Dynamically Linked Representation in Student Conceptualizatioin of Vectors and Matrices
  • Tharanga Wijetunge: Graduation Year 2013
    Advisor: Dennis St. Johns
    Dissertation Title: The Role of the TI-NavigatorTM: Perspectives of Pre-Service Secondary Mathematics Teachers
  • Carol Seaman: Graduation Year 2001
    Advisor: Douglas Lapp
    Dissertation Title: Students' Use of Spatial Visualization with the Aid of Technology in the Learning of Three-Dimensional Calculus Concepts
  • Jeanne Moenk Sr.: Graduation Year 2001
    Advisor: Martha Frank & Mary Beth Searcy
    Dissertation Title: Mathematical Knowledge of the Pre-Service Elementary Teacher