The Department of Mathematics has about 25 faculty members working on research in diverse areas of applied mathematics, mathematics education, and pure mathematics:

  • Ana Dias (Sociopolitical Issues in Mathematics Education, Mathematics in Career and Technical Education and in the Workplace, Game-Based Learning)
  • Donna Ericksen (Mathematics Education)
  • Martha Frank (Beliefs and Motivation in Mathematics)
  • Douglas Lapp (Technology for Teaching and Learning Mathematics, Teaching and Learning of Abstract and Linear Algebra, Semiotics)
  • Tibor Marcinek (Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching, Technology for Teaching and Learning Mathematics)
  • Christine Phelps-Gregory (Beliefs and Motivation in Mathematics, Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching, Preservice Teacher Education)
  • Katrina Piatek-Jimenez (Equity in Mathematics Education, Stereotypes of Mathematicians, Teaching and Learning of Proof)
  • Dennis St. John (Technology for Teaching and Learning Mathematics)