BBQ for researchers in the Park & Marchalant Labs, September 2016.

​The Park & Marchalant labs hosted a joint lab BBQ in September 2016.


NIH R03 grant: Principal Investigator, R03AG060144: “Generating mouse models of amyloid beta and tau proteinopathy in the context of sporadic AD

Select Publications

​Park KHJ (2015). Mechanisms of muscle denervation in aging: insights from a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Aging and Disease 6 (5): 380-389.

Park KHJ, Franciosi S, Leavitt BR (2013). Postnatal muscle modification by myogenic factors modulates neuropathology and survival in an ALS mouse model. Nat Commun, 4:2906.

Park KHJ, Hallows JL, Chakrabarty P, Davies P, Vincent I (2007). Conditional neuronal simian virus 40 T antigen expression induces Alzheimer-like tau and amyloid pathology in mice. J Neurosci, 27(11): 2969-2978.