BBQ for researchers in the Park & Marchalant Labs, September 2016.

​The Park & Marchalant labs hosted a joint lab BBQ in September 2016.


NIH R03 grant: Principal Investigator, R03AG060144: “Generating mouse models of amyloid beta and tau proteinopathy in the context of sporadic AD

Manuscripts in Preparation

Tomas Barrett and Kevin Park, “Sexually dimorphic effects of p35 hemizygous deletion on Aβ plaque load in 5xFAD mice” (submitted)

Select Publications

​Park KHJ (2015). Mechanisms of muscle denervation in aging: insights from a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Aging and Disease 6 (5): 380-389.

Park KHJ, Franciosi S, Leavitt BR (2013). Postnatal muscle modification by myogenic factors modulates neuropathology and survival in an ALS mouse model. Nat Commun, 4:2906.

Park KHJ, Hallows JL, Chakrabarty P, Davies P, Vincent I (2007). Conditional neuronal simian virus 40 T antigen expression induces Alzheimer-like tau and amyloid pathology in mice. J Neurosci, 27(11): 2969-2978.