Physics Graduate Student in Lab
While studying physics at CMU, you will use advanced equipment and work closely with respected faculty members committed to student-centered learning.

In addition to research and pr​ofessional internship opportunities, you'll develop technical skills through a variety of projects in areas specifically used by physics majors. These include:

  • Br​ooks Astronomical Observatory
    • Further develop your career skills in this observatory, which houses a 16-inch (40 cm) computer-controlled classical Cassegrain reflector and is equipped for CCD direct imaging, medium-dispersion spectroscopy, 35 mm and plate photography, as well as UBVRI photometry for visual observing.
  • Laboratories
    • Diversify your knowledge and career skills through course work and research experiences in the physics- and astronomy-related labs, which are equipped for laser spectroscopy, magnetic resonance, rheology, thin films, polymer fluid dynamics and X-ray diffraction.