Senior Project Presentations
  • Thursday, April 26
  • Refreshments at 3:30pm in Dow 208
  • Presentations begin at 4pm in Dow 107
Light Demonstration and Field Trip Design for the Mount Pleasant Discovery Museum
  • Ashlie Hinkle
  • Supervisor: Marco Fornari
AIDA Veto Detector for β-Decay Experiments
  • David McClain
  • Supervisor: Alfredo Estrade
Spectroscopy at the Books Astronomical Observatory
  • Jacob Davison
  • Supervisor: Aaron LaCluyze
Calculation of Surface Diffusion Coefficients from Gaussian Output Files Using Einstein's Theory
  • Jared Williams
  • Supervisor: Veronica Barone
Further Investigations into the Metallic Behavior of Sodium Clusters
  • Paul Murtagh
  • Supervisor: Alan Jackson
Characterization of an In Vivo Flourescence/Bioluminescence Imaging System for Tracking Dendrimer Nanoparticles and Stem Cells in the Brain of Mice
  • Reed Kolany
  • Supervisor: Alex Mellinger and Julien Rossignol
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