Minimum total for graduation: 60 hours

The SAM program is designed as a research-intensive program, with a core of interdisciplinary courses on the science of materials. Electives and courses on specialized topics are available through Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and other departments.

You will meet with an advisor to map out a plan of study. You should expect to spend 3-4 years in residence to complete the SAM program.


When you begin the SAM program, you will initially be advised by the program director and your research advisor, who will help you structure your program of study.

Travel Policy/Presentation Grant

The Science of Advanced Materials Ph.D. program faculty recognize the importance of you having the opportunity to present your research at professional meetings. If your work is accepted for presentation at national or international conferences, you are eligible to apply for a Presentation Grant of up to $500 per year. You must be the individual actually making the presentation to qualify for this grant.